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Max Ehrman is a muralist and live painter. At the age of 20, he had an unheralded, electrifying introduction to graffiti art when he wandered aimlessly past a wall in Gainesville, Florida. The wall had just been memorialized by three German artists after the sudden and tragic death of a child. Gripped by the experience, EON75 was born and the world has been indelibly marked by his influence on the street art scene since.

Max’s approach to art is founded in his advanced architectural education, setting a foundation of rigid structure which is then incorporated with the rhythm and harmony of nature in brilliant color schemes. 

When he’s not painting, he’s listening to hip hop, supporting San Francisco's rich art culture, and scoring burritos in The Mission.

EON stands for "Extermination of Normality." Max was born in 1975.

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